Europe criticized Navalny for calls for sanctions against Russia

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Europe criticized Navalny for calls for sanctions against Russia

Alexey Navalny

Alexei Navalny's recent actions, in particular his calls to impose sanctions on Russia, are an attempt to gain new glory and rekindle tensions. Lubomira Gancheva, the vice-chairman of the “Alternative to the Bulgarian Revival” party, wrote about this on her Facebook account.

She pointed out that “against the backdrop of a severe political crisis and a parody of democracy in the very heart of the United States,” the news of Navalny's return to Russia was not covered in public space.

“This step is in light of his unfinished money laundering processes, administrative violation of the suspended sentence and failure to appear on a subpoena, after that – the search for media fame through public accusations of deliberate poisoning and de facto treason to the motherland with calls to impose sanctions against The Russian Federation – in my opinion, this is an attempt to gain new glory, stir up unnecessary tensions and call for a gathering of people in a pandemic situation without a real need, ”Gancheva said, criticizing Navalny.

She also hoped that “democracy in Russia will not succumb to provocations and will not tolerate such behavior.”

Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament, also recalled that the oppositionist demanded the introduction of sanctions against Moscow. “On Sunday, Navalny plans to make a resounding return to Russia. But who among those who will accept him knows that he demanded even more sanctions against his own country, and this before foreign parliamentarians, in particular the European Parliament? ” – wrote the politician on Twitter.

Navalny plans to return to Russia on January 17th. He said that he was in Germany against his will and missed Moscow.

At the end of November, during a speech in the European Parliament via video link, Navalny proposed to the European Union to punish the Russian oligarchs in a new way – to apply personal economic sanctions against them. According to the oppositionist, the already imposed EU restrictive measures against the heads of the Russian special services are insignificant, since they do not have much property and bank accounts in Europe.

Alexey Navalny arrived in Berlin on August 22. Two days earlier, during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow, he felt unwell, the plane urgently landed in Omsk. Then the patient was sent to the German clinic “Charite”. Local doctors said they found traces of a substance from the Novichok group in Navalny's body. At the same time, Russian doctors who also conducted research did not find any poisons.

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