Europe forgot about the “missed war” that Ukraine won for it in the 20th century


Europe forgot about the

Ukrainians destroyed the Gulag system, changing the fate of Europe/”Argument”

Informative military, note to historians. In my opinion, now is the right time to remind Europe (and the world) of one “missed war” that the Ukrainians already won for her once in the last century, and she still hasn't even thanked them.

Historical break of the century by Ukrainians

I mean “Khrushchev's” de-Stalinization and the dissolution of the Gulag. This was an event that had a tremendous impact on the fate of all the countries of the so-called “Eastern Bloc”, but also of the West – it completely changed the course of the history of communist and workers' movements and, in general, one might say, changed the world.

The problem is that the dissolution of the Gulag is still attributed to the “good will” of Khrushchev – and this is the same as declaring the flight of Russians from Zmeiny Island as a “gesture of good will”. Theoretically, as if it was known about the uprising in the Gulag, Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk, and Kengir were investigated and described by historians, and the decisive role the number of the rebel element, but also his professional experience in guerrilla warfare).

However, to step from the Kengir uprising in 1954 to Khrushchev's speech before the 20th Congress and bring the general puzzle to the point of changing the corresponding line in the history books – this never happened, the topic hung.

Russian historians who were the first to deal with it in the 2000s (yes, they were not ours, unfortunately) announced that Khrushchev had dissolved the Gulag, because because of the uprising it was no longer possible to keep him – by the end of the 2000s somehow abruptly they fell silent on this topic, and in the West there were no speakers for it.

Time for the truth

So, for my observations and feelings, it's time to turn to her. Several good, thoughtful professional articles by Ukrainian historians in the world press under headings like “Why is Putin afraid of Bandera?” or “The Forgotten Victory of Ukraine” now would greatly help to change the general optics of the process in our favor.

Ah, and do not be surprised if soon with such an article, only with accents placed in the spirit of “that Himze is white, it’s pockmarked for him”, some Rasevich or another Medvedchuk John-Paul Khimka will soon speak, – I’m not the only one who follows the information process, and there are also eyes from that side. So you need to do it quickly.

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