Europe predicted to split

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Europe predicted to split

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz predicted a split in Europe over a shortage of coronavirus vaccines. He is quoted by the Welt.

“We cannot be interested in the gap in the European Union in terms of coverage of the population with vaccinations increasing more and more and we, thus, created the EU member states of the“ second class ”,” stressed Kurz.

The Chancellor recalled that back in January, the heads of state and government of the European Union agreed on the supply of drugs in proportion to the population in the countries of the union. However, it soon turned out that the delivery of vaccines is not carried out in accordance with the number of inhabitants, but “according to the ordered quantity.”

According to Kurz, if the situation is not corrected, some EU members will achieve herd immunity by the end of May, while others will only by the end of summer or even by the end of 2021.

The EU faced challenges in supplying coronavirus vaccines back in January 2021. First, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced its decision to reduce the supply of the drug to European countries during the modernization of its production. At the end of February, it became known that the European Union would not receive tens of millions of doses of vaccine against the coronavirus from the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca.

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