European Court of Human Rights bans Poland from sending migrants back to Belarus

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 The European Court of Human Rights forbade Poland to send migrants back to Belarus

The refugees asked the ECHR not to send them back to Belarus.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided to ban the eviction of migrants in Poland back to Belarus.

This is stated on the website of the ECHR.

As noted, the court considered 47 applications for the application of measures due to the situation with refugees on the border of Poland and Belarus. Almost all of them were filed against Poland, the other three against Latvia and Lithuania. The ECHR noted that in the majority of applications the applicants asked not to be sent back to Belarus.

“The court applied Rule 39 and accepted that the applicants should not be expelled from Poland if they really are on the territory of Poland, “- added to the ECHR.

Rule 39 provides for the possibility of applying measures on which the court must promptly make a binding decision.

Recall the situation with refugees The border between Poland and Belarus has been heating up since early November 2021. In response to Western countries have imposed new sanctions against Belarus. The United States, Great Britain, Canada and the European Union have already imposed sanctions. Dozens of people were blacklisted, banned from entering and their European accounts were frozen. In particular, travel companies that organized trips to Belarus from the Middle East, as well as hotels and airlines, fell under financial restrictions.

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