European Space Agency announces plans to launch mission to Venus

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European Space Agency announces plans to launch mission to Venus

The European Space Agency's Science Program Committee said the agency will launch the EnVision spacecraft to Venus.

– A new era is coming in the study of our closest and at the same time extremely different from us neighbor in the solar system. Given NASA's recent announcement of missions to Venus, we will have an extremely busy science program over the next decade, ”said ESA Science Director Gunther Hasinger.

It is noted that EnVision will study the elevated areas of the surface of Venus and the issue of geological activity. It is planned that the device will be launched to the planet in 2031. Then EnVision will reach Venus in 2034-2035.

In 2019, NASA scientists from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, speaking at a meeting of planetary scientists (EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019), assured: a billion years ago, Venus was fit for life. Three years ago, Michael Way and his colleague Del Genio were convinced of this by simulating the distant past of the planet on a computer. Modeling allowed us to imagine what it was like after it was formed 4.2 billion years ago.

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