European Space Agency is recruiting astronauts with disabilities

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European Space Agency is recruiting astronauts with disabilities

European Space Agency is recruiting astronauts with disabilities

Astronauts with physical disabilities may be able to explore space. The European Space Agency (ESA) is launching a recruitment of dedicated specialists. ESA will allocate one million euros to create special conditions for the training of astronauts with disabilities. This is stated on the website of the organization.

The agency is looking for people who meet all criteria: psychological, cognitive, technical, professional, but cannot get into the squad because of their disability. The space organization intends to figure out how existing space equipment should be modified so that people with disabilities can go into space.

Now ESA has prepared a list of physical limitations, with which applicants can apply for a place in the crew of astronauts. For example, these are people with leg defects due to congenital disorders or amputation, or people shorter than 130 centimeters.

The European Space Agency does not guarantee that any of the candidates will fly into space. At the same time, ESA promises to make every effort to realize this mission.

NASA recently announced the composition of the Crew-4 mission, which will travel to the ISS in 2022. The crew commander will be Chell Lindgren, who already flew to the station in 2015 on the Soyuz TMA-17M spacecraft.

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