Even a company of Leopard tanks is a formidable force on the battlefield, – military analyst


Even a company of Leopard tanks – is a formidable force on the battlefield, – military analyst

Ukraine is waiting for Germany's decision to allow other countries to transfer Leopard 2. It is not yet known how many tanks will receive the APU . However, even a few dozen of these machines are powerful.

This Channel 24 was told by military analyst Yigal Levin. According to him, Leopard 2 is a powerful technique. She is better in all aspects for Soviet tanks.

Can a company of Leopard tanks change anything on the battlefield 2

As Levin noted, even a company of tanks (14 units – Channel 24) can significantly help on the battlefield. However, Ukraine should get more “leopards”.

Even a Leopard 2 company is a formidable force on the battlefield .In general, in capable hands, even one tank can be formidable. Fire support from a tank is always very important,” Levin noted.

He added that a battalion of such tanks (several dozen – Channel 24) could become a striking force at a certain breakthrough point. This technique will help break through a certain section of the front to enter the operational space.

If Ukraine receives about a hundred tanks, they can be divided into battalions and get a powerful combat-ready unit.But it is important that the crew is properly prepared.

If we are talking about a hundred tanks, then you create 1-2 battalions. Other tanks go for training or for spare parts. And you already have a powerful force. You can create some kind of “assault-punching” brigade. Of course, this is not suitable for long years of war. But for 1-2 strikes at a strategic level, this will be a great help,” Levin noted.

Earlier, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said that he needed about 300 tanks for one offensive operation. This number is gradually collected. As Levin recalled, Ukraine will receive 120 modernized T-72s from the United States. In all likelihood, there will also be an unnamed number of Leopard 2s. British Challenger 2s should also be added here.

Western tanks for Ukraine: what is known

  • Ukraine expects tanks from international partners Leopard 2. However, everything still rests on the position of Germany, which does not give permission for the transfer of them from other states to Ukraine.
  • Negotiations are still ongoing, although the new head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, said that he expects “soon time” the decision to supply Ukraine with Leopard 2 battle tanks.
  • According to ABC News, 12 countries have already supported the transfer of these tanks. Ukraine is expected to receive about 100 Leopard 2s.
  • And, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Joe Biden administration is leaning towards sending a significant number of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Delivery may be announced as early as this week.

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