Even children's tablets are checked: the occupiers organize real terror at the entrances to Crimea


Even children's tablets are checked: the occupiers arrange real terror at the entrances to Crimea

FSB officers tightened checks at the entrance to Crimea from Kherson/”Ukrainian Newspaper”

The Russian FSB officers have significantly tightened control at checkpoints in the occupied Crimea in order to “keep saboteurs out.” The special services arrange the greatest terror for Ukrainians on Chonhar.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, due to the fact that anti-Russian sentiments have significantly increased in Crimea, the invaders began to intensively check all those entering the captured peninsula . This mainly concerns Ukrainians who are trying to leave Kherson and the Zaporozhye region.

In addition, Moscow ordered the invaders to tighten control in order to reduce the flow of people who want to go to Europe or to the free territories of Ukraine through Crimea and Russia.

They can restore deleted files in Viber

  • Total checks were introduced by the invaders under the pretext of “fighting saboteurs”, although in fact the goal of the Russians is simply to terrorize the population.
  • When Ukrainians pass through control, the FSB seizes people have all the technical means, including children's phones and tablets.
  • Laptops, smartphones and other gadgets are connected to computers with specialized software to view the history of correspondence, photos and videos.
  • Russian nonhumans can recover deleted files and correspondence over a long period. This is especially true of correspondence in Viber and SMS, so they carefully study each gadget.
  • The invaders are looking for data on the movement of Russian equipment, trying to understand whether this or that person transmitted information to Ukrainian defenders.
The Russian invaders have developed a special verification procedure for all men of military age. Personnel officers of the special services of the aggressor country are interrogating Ukrainians and trying to knock out of them a confession of participation in hostilities against Russia. If the invaders become interested in someone at the checkpoints, FSB officers from Crimea are called to the place, who take suspicious citizens for “enhanced checks”.

On the peninsula itself, Ukrainians are being tortured, which the Russians call “holding an explanatory conversation.” The further fate of many Ukrainians detained at checkpoints in the Crimea, unfortunately, is unknown.

Such tactics of the Russians are due not only to the desire to protect themselves from possible riots or sabotage in the Crimea. The invaders create an atmosphere of terror in the temporarily controlled territory so that civilians are afraid of them. In addition, the Russians need as many civilians as possible to remain in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions – in the form of human shields. That is why the invaders fire at cars with people who are trying to drive towards Nikolaev. Therefore, they intimidate everyone who wants to get to Crimea.

How to help Ukraine, but avoid the attention of the FSB

People who ended up in the temporarily occupied territory and can help Ukraine in the fight against the enemy, experts advise not to use any Russian service or messenger, as well as to install dual authorization on all applications.

But to communicate with relatives on the topic of war or to use specialized Bots for messages about the enemy, it is desirable to use separate smartphones. Which can be destroyed or thrown away without regret in case of departure to the territory controlled by Ukraine or Russia. And, of course, you need to forget about SMS or phone calls as such – exclusively Whatsapp or Signal.

Of course, after each use of an additional smartphone for its intended purpose, you must carefully delete all compromising information, because in the cities captured by the invaders you cannot exclude the possibility of a search.

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