Even China and Iran are pursuing a dual policy: the expert listed Russia's allies

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Even China and Iran are pursuing a dual policy: the expert listed Russia's allies

According to Fesenko, even China and Iran are trying to distance themselves from the war and are pursuing a dual policy.

There are very few real allies in Russia. These are either totalitarian regimes, such as the North Korean one, or countries dependent on Russia.

Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko on FREEDOM aired a list of countries that dictator Putin can still rely on.

According to him, the decision of the International Criminal Court on a warrant for the arrest of Putin will further increase the diplomatic isolation of Russia.

“When we talk about countries that support Russia, it's just a criterion – we look at who votes with Russia for the resolutions of the UN General Assembly. Syria, Belarus, Nicaragua, Eritrea, North Korea . I'm not talking about post-Soviet countries that are formally allies Russia – Kazakhstan, Armenia , etc. – even they abstain … Like China,” the expert explained.

Fesenko stressed that even Iran , which supplies some types of weapons to Russia, is also officially trying to distance itself from the war and is pursuing a dual policy.

Position of Turkey and India

Fesenko does not list Turkey and India as Russia's allies

“Turkey, like India, is making money from this war. It was confirmed today that Turkey is stopping the supply of sanctioned goods through its territory. Because of its connection with the European market and the United States, it is forced to reckon with the Western sanctions regime, although it does not participate in it itself. And this is also indicative, ”the political scientist explained.

He calls India very pragmatic and selfish, given that the country makes good money buying cheap Russian oil at a discount.

“But at the same time, especially in recent months, India is clearly beginning to distance itself from Russia and in foreign policy issues, in particular, about the war between Russia and Ukraine, India takes a formally neutral position. Although an illustrative example is that India is now chairing the G20 and, since it was impossible to find a common position (Russia is also a member of the G20, and China), to agree on the final document, and the previous document condemns Russia. And India offered its own version, where there is also criticism of Russia and actions, Russia's war against Ukraine. This is an exemplary situation. India is also trying, while maintaining neutrality, to distance itself from Russia,” Fesenko said.


China is pursuing a dual policy towards Russia, the expert believes.

“He perceives the current war between Russia and Ukraine through the prism of relations with the United States. This is a problem. The very confrontation with the United States brings China closer to Russia. But since China's economic interests are tied to Western markets and China's trade with the United States, the European Union is 8 times higher than the trade with Russia, it is clear that they are now unable to quarrel with the West.Yes, there is an ideological and political confrontation with the United States, but to go for a break, to directly support Russia is not economically beneficial for China , ”summed up Fesenko.

Recall that today, March 20, began a three-day visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Russia.

The GUR of Ukraine reported that the information of the Politico publication that China allegedly supplied Russia with rifles, parts for drones and bulletproof vests is not true.

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