Even Hitler was assassinated: Tsymbalyuk appreciated the threats to Putin


Even Hitler was assassinated: Tsymbalyuk appreciated the threats to Putin

Vladimir Putin has been waging a war of conquest against Ukraine and Ukrainians for more than a year. During this time, the resources of the aggressor country have dried up, the Russian dictator has weakened and is probably looking for support from the Russian oligarchy, elites, and his entourage.

International journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk believes that nothing has changed in the system of Russian authorities during this time. He told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the Russians created a 100% Nazi regime.

Putin doesn't care

He noticed that, unlike the III Reich, at least assassination attempts were made on Hitler. In Russia, even this does not happen to Putin.

Of course, it is heavily protected and strengthened by security measures. However, if you look at the Russian timetable, then Putin has full power, he conducts this war, making his own decision. And he does not care at all about the loss of Russian mothers and wives. In particular, in Buryat, – the journalist emphasized.

Tsymbalyuk noticed that when the Russian dictator was in Ulan-Ude (the capital of Buryatia – Channel 24) and talked with the locals about the production of new helicopters, there were no Buryats near him.

And there were specially trained people who were probably recruited into the FSO, because they passed the tests, he suggested.

The interlocutor noted that he is getting out of this war, the goals of which are not even announced, everything suits everyone. And it makes no sense to talk about the elite and the oligarchs, because there are no oligarchs in Russia.

Roman Tsymbalyuk about the possibility of an assassination attempt on Putin: watch the video

Putin will say that this is his “last term”

“The oligarchs are you who influence the politics in the state. But there is no politics there – there are the sole authorities of Vladimir Putin. Therefore, there are no risks for him in the near future. Of course, there is always something unexpected. However, everything will probably be how to go further, despite the situation at the front,” he stressed.

The journalist is sure that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will drive the Russians out of the occupied territories, but they will close themselves in their own Russia and will accumulate hatred for themselves, first of all, and for the whole world.

“And in 2024, Putin will announce that he was once again elected president of Russia and say that this is his” last term “. The previous ones were also” last “, but everything is going on interestingly there,” said Roman Tsymbalyuk.

What is happening in the Russian elites: important

  • Timur Olevsky, a Russian opposition journalist and editor of The Insider, believes that in the near future, Russians with a huge fortune will have to fork out a lot for Putin's military campaign. He added that the stretch, on which Putin is now putting the oligarchs, is very powerful, they have no choice.
  • PhD in Psychology Dmitry Popov suggested that lately Vladimir Putin met with the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and earlier with his son, and each time there were different doubles of the Russian dictator. According to Popov, the most original Putin has not been seen since the end of the “zero” years, or he has changed a lot due to plastic surgery.
  • Former KGB and Russian foreign intelligence officer Sergei Zhirnov stressed that if there are people who will ever kill Putin, then these are those 117 Russian billionaires who have been losing all their money since last year. According to him, they spent 20-30 years in order to steal many billions for themselves, and now they are losing money every day.

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