Even more than one could expect – Feigin on weapons after “Rammstein”


Even more than you might expect - Feigin on weapons after Rammstein

Meeting of the contact group for the defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format, according to the military-political leadership of our countries, turned out to be quite breakthrough. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, given the military assistance package that was approved at the meeting, that Ukraine is ready for an offensive.

This assistance package is a very big step forward in military support Ukraine. This Channel 24 was told by Russian human rights activist and opposition politician Mark Feygin. According to him, this military assistance really brings Ukraine closer to the counteroffensive, but it is not enough.

The course of events is accelerating – we need to respond to it

He believes that all the weapons that will be provided after Rammstein, except for the tanks and aircraft on which the discussion is ongoing, indicate that Ukraine received even more in this military package than could be expected .

But the course of events is accelerating, and it is necessary to respond to it. If such a package were provided in March 2022, then it would be a very powerful help. But now it's January 2023. Now the needs and scale are completely different, – the oppositionist emphasized.

In his opinion, one should also take into account the partial mobilization that Russia carried out and thereby replenished its resources.

“This needs something something to answer,” Feigin said.

He stressed that Western Europe does not send its soldiers to Ukraine. Therefore, they must compensate for this with something – military assistance, equipment, ammunition, new weapons.

Since events at the front are now unfolding very quickly, tomorrow this assistance may not be enough. It is necessary to cross a certain line, which is the supply of heavy equipment to Ukraine, the human rights activist noted.

According to him, even after receiving such a powerful military aid package, there is a quick disappointment.

“Yes, it also happens. There is a feeling that needs do not always coincide with opportunities. But excuses are not accepted here, because Ukrainians pay a very high price,” he says.

Is the last package of military aid sufficient for Ukraine: watch the video

In his opinion, Poland has an understanding that Ukraine is the last redoubt before it.

If the Russians take Ukraine, Poland will be next. They have a very practical understanding of this, and they think very concretely: if we do not abandon Ukraine, this is a guarantee that they will not abandon us either,” the opposition politician noted.

He noted that Ukraine, unfortunately, today it has become the front “trench” separating Poland from the Russian invaders.

“Ukrainians found themselves on this front line – it happened, this is history, and it is clear what Russia has been preparing for the past 20 years,” Feigin emphasized.

He believes that Poland understands this because it concerns her personally. And she is doing everything she can to help Ukraine. The Baltic countries do the same.

But the countries of Western Europe believe that Russia will not reach them quickly. They are fine. And therefore they are moving more slowly, he suggested.

However, he noted that the latest package of military support is a great achievement. It creates many prerequisites for the next stage – the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the stop of a possible offensive by Moscow.

“But the next morning after Rammstein, Ukraine needs more weapons,” Mark Feigin emphasized.

Results of the Ramstein meeting: expert opinions

  • The eighth Ramstein meeting has ended. Its results are rather ambiguous, however, there are positive signals for Ukraine. According to military expert Oleg Katkov, the partners will finally hand over brigade sets of equipment to our state. We are moving from a situation where one country provides certain types of weapons.
  • Political scientist Taras Zavgorodniy noted that Ukraine received a fairly solid list of weapons. Especially when compared with deliveries six months ago. We are talking about weapons from the Americans for the use of HIMARS for 150 kilometers. This allows Ukraine to confidently control the exit from the Crimea, through which equipment and ammunition are delivered to the southern regions.
  • Military analyst Alexei Getman stressed that perhaps we had too high expectations from Rammstein. We were waiting for more than what happened there. We were given a lot of weapons, but these are for our protection. It will be very difficult to attack without tanks.

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