Every day of delay is the price of people's lives, – Podolyak on the need for aircraft and tanks


Every day of delay – is the price of human life, – Podolyak on the need for aircraft and tanks

International partners continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine. However, there are certain types of weapons that are not in a hurry. Including tanks and planes.

On the air of the telethon, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the OP, noted that the world should not hesitate. After all, every minute, hour and day can cost the lives of Ukrainians.

Partners should not delay

Podolyak repeated Zelensky’s calls not to delay with military assistance. According to the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, Ukraine appreciates the fact that international partners have changed their position on the war unleashed by Russia. But it is important to do everything possible so that the victory of our state comes as quickly as possible.

Every day of delay is a specific life. And we cannot lose these lives, because there are no tanks today, which means that a number of our people will die. And this is a loss for their families. It is necessary that our partners also understand this,” Podolyak stressed.

He added thatUkraine does not turn to partners with abstract requests.We ask the same tanks and aircraft to save human life. After all, delay, unfortunately, takes the lives of our citizens.

Podolyak noted that the partners understand that the weapon will help localize Russia's war against Ukraine. According to him, a sufficient amount of weapons allows not to scale the war, leaving it within the occupied territories. In addition, military assistance will speed up the victory of our state.

This time Ramstein can be called “armored”

Deputy head of the Presidential Office Andrey Yermak Andrey Sibiga emphasized this. He added that “this Rammstein will create a new reality.” At the same time, the meeting on January 20 can be called “armored”.

Zelensky called for the provision of fighter jets

Note that in Zelensky's speech during Ramstein, he called on international partners to take decisive action. In particular, he asked our state to provide longer-range missiles, as well as F-16 fighters, to the next meeting.

According to the head of state, Ukraine's allies have forces that would guarantee artillery, as well as aviation, which can destroy terror. In addition, they can ensure victory.

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