Every Russian will pay for the war: how Putin is trying to download money from business


Every Russian will pay for the war: how Putin is trying to download money from business

Vladimir Putin met with Russian business. During the meeting, the dictator did not explain how the Russians can survive in the current conditions. However, they must prepare money to save the Russian economy.

During a meeting with entrepreneurs, the Kremlin dictator set them the task of building a new economy in Russia. Ilya Neskhodovsky, head of the analytical direction of the ANTS network, told Channel 24 about this.

Putin met with business

So, Putin wished that Russian business would make a closed model of the economy in the aggressor country. Thus, Russia would be able to independently produce everything necessary. However, the head of the Kremlin did not explain to entrepreneurs how to keep business at least at the pre-war level.

Businessmen talk about their problems, ask Putin questions about how they can solve certain problems. The only thing that Putin said in this context is that they can actually break the law, and the prosecutor’s office will cover them up if it is in Russia’s favor,” Neskhodovsky said.

In his opinion, it is possible that the Russians will be allowed to engage in smuggling.

The Kremlin plans to collect money from the Russians

Putin did not give an answer to how the citizens of the aggressor country will continue to live in the current conditions. At the same time, businesses need to prepare for “voluntary” contributions to the country.

Thus, the Kremlin plans to collect 300 billion rubles from entrepreneurs. However, the budget deficit in Russia in just 2 months is 2.6 trillion rubles. So 300 billion is just a penny that will not be able to cover the budget deficit.

First, “voluntary” contributions should affect entrepreneurs who earned more than a billion rubles last year. According to Neskhodovsky, then those who earned 1 million and more will be forced to make them. In fact, this will affect every Russian and each of them will be forced to pay for this war.

The life of every Russian this year will deteriorate significantly. the analyst noted.

Neskhodovsky on Putin's meeting with business: watch the video

Can business make Putin's dreams come true?

The Russian dictator lives in a bubble, so at a meeting with entrepreneurs he outlined his pipe dreams. He wants the business to start producing products that can replace imports. However, the question is where the business can get the necessary equipment and so on for this.

“The machines that produce these products are imported. Relatively speaking, if they can still produce finished products, then machines are impossible. Therefore, the challenge for them is serious,” Neskhodovsky said.

A war could start between business and the Kremlin

Business for the head of the Kremlin is a resource, just like people. He decided to pump money out of him , but in the future the situation for Putin will worsen. So, when entrepreneurs begin to understand that they are being robbed and “these are only the first signs,” they will begin to leave the currency abroad.

Business will actually oppose the state. Russia will look for different ways to get as much out of business as possible. At the same time, business will look for ways to hide the money,” Neskhodovsky suggested.

In addition, 15 people left the union of entrepreneurs to avoid meeting with Putin. This indicates that their business has been seriously affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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