Every trip to the city turns into a special operation, – military commander on the situation in Bakhmut


Every trip to the city turns into a special operation, - military commander on the situation in Bakhmut

Military experts note that a climax is observed in the Bakhmut direction. But we are talking only about a certain stage of the war, because Russia still has a lot of strength and resources.

Don't underestimate our enemy. Andrey Tsaplienko, a military journalist for TSN, told Channel 24 about this.

What's happening in Bakhmut

The situation in Bakhmut is very complicated. According to the journalist, the invaders are trying to narrow the so-called “throat of life” – two roads through which ammunition is supplied and the wounded are evacuated. We are talking about the routes from Konstantinovka and Chasovoy Yar. The enemy managed to narrow our corridor to a few kilometers.

It's really difficult. Every trip to and from Bakhmut turns into a kind of special operation,” Tsaplienko said.

Serious battles are going on in the city. In particular, the hottest of all:

  • in the area of the Mariupol cemetery in the south of Bakhmut;
  • in the industrial area of the non-ferrous metal processing plant in the north of the city.

In addition, the Russians are pressing from the Bakhmutka River. There was information that allegedly the Wagnerites crossed this river in one section. But they haven't been able to confirm it yet.

If you look at the statistics of assaults, the journalist says, the daily level of attacks by the invaders has decreased by half. This speaks of their exhaustion, our military fettered the enemy in Bakhmut.

However, we should not forget that our people are not jobs. First of all, they are people. Imagine how hard it is for them – both physically and psychologically, – the journalist emphasized.

Moreover, the level of losses must also be taken into account. And it is not even about the quantity, but about the quality of our fighters.

“Now the climax is really coming, at least at this stage of the war. Probably, these are the most difficult battles since the beginning of full-scale aggression,” Andrei Tsaplienko summed up.

The last losses of the enemy

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to repulse the enemy who is trying to seize our lands. According to the General Staff, as of March 19, our military has already liquidated 164,910 invaders.
  • So, in the past 24 hours alone, the statistics of enemy losses have replenished with another 710 fighters. However, the figure is not final, because active hostilities complicate the calculation.
  • Russia is losing in Ukraine not only personnel, but a lot of equipment. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian soldiers have destroyed: 3,532 tanks, 6,853 armored combat vehicles, 2,568 artillery systems, 507 MLRS, 268 air defense systems, 305 aircraft, 290 helicopters, 8 ships/boats and 5,408 vehicles and tankers, and 252 units of special equipment.

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