“Everyone dreams of the future”: the warrior “Poet” transmitted a new poem from the front line


"Everyone dreams of the future": warrior "Poet" handed over a new poem from the front line

Military “Poet” wrote a new poem/korrespondent

Voenny Roman with the callsign “Poet” is now defending Ukraine side by side with other fighters. He also takes the time to put on paper the emotions experienced during the war. This is how his new poem appeared.

This time “Poet” dedicated a poem to the dreams of every Ukrainian soldier. He composed it on April 5.

In the period between battles, in crystal silence, The stars shine brightly in the clearest sky. Quiet conversations are going on, the fighters are resting. Everyone dreams of the future, everyone wishes for the world.

Some of them remembers the baby, the beautiful wife, The other says how to collect prickly blackberries. He worked on a tractor in the field since childhood. The teacher “Natalka Poltavka” is quoting next to him. The children's dreams are bright, bright. “After the Victory”.

Prayers are all about her to the Lord God. So that the people of Ukraine work peacefully, So that the Russians do not touch our holy land. The guys are dreaming … but in the mud, not far at all, There are completely different conversations – out of fear and anger. About robberies – who stole what and will send it home, To remember ten years later.

They boast of their “heroism” – how children were shot, How peaceful villages were burned, women were raped. Bloody jewelry was eagerly collected. Both the old man and the little one were beaten and tortured.

Crystal silence will shatter into pieces. Master became a brave lion protector again. Fear in your filth, pseudo-human zombies – There will be bloody congratulations to everyone for crimes.

The Poet's poem was published on its Facebook page by the State Border Service. She accompanied the message with drawings of children who also want the end of the war as soon as possible.

Ukrainian children dream of the end of the war/Photo by the GNSU

"Everyone dreams of the future": warrior "Poet" handed over a new poem from the front line

Children from Ukraine want to see a peaceful sky above their heads/Photo by GNSU< /em>

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