Everyone is looking at the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how the situation at the front will affect China and other countries


Everyone is looking at the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how the situation at the front will affect China and other countries

Washington has announced a certain reduction in tension between the US and China. Beijing is taking certain steps towards the West, gradually moving away from Russia.

ThisChannel 24 was told by the historian, political observer from the USA Armen Chibukhchyan. He recalled that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken intends to visit China in early February.

According to Chibukhchyan, now there are very good signals from China, which may play in Ukraine's favor in the future.

Why China went for rapprochement with the US

A political observer believes that China went for closer cooperation with the US by force.

This is not from a good life. They are trying to boost the economy. After all, they will have big problems if they fail to change the negative dynamics,” Chibukhchyan noted.

However, the position of such countries as China or Iran should be treated very carefully. After all, they are characterized by a very changeable policy. According to a political observer, such countries can say one thing, do something completely different, and think something else altogether.

Good signs from China

As Chibukhchyan noted, now the situation with China cannot but rejoice. There are some good signs of a thaw in relations between Washington and Beijing.

  • The first such signal was the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the eve of the start of the G20 summit, which was held in Bali in November 2022.
  • Secondly, another good sign is that Beijing is planning abandon Russian coal and wants to replace it with higher-quality raw materials from Australia.

Anthony Blinken's visit to Beijing will also play a big role in relations between the US and China.

“Now we get a picture that allows us to say with caution thatChina will not help Russia at this stage. And Russia will have to think about how to renew relations with the United States,” the political observer noted. According to Chibukhchyan, now is a year when the behavior of different countries, certain steps and decisions on the world stage will be influenced by the situation in Ukraine.

Armen Chibukhchyan

Historian, political observer from the United States< /p>

How China, Iran and other countries will behave will depend on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Even the behavior of the Republicans in the US and the Germans will depend on this. Now there is a situation where everyone is watching the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Especially after the last major aid packages, everyone will be looking at the battlefield.

The political observer added that the West now admires how the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back powerful Russian attacks. According to him, everyone now “froze in anticipation of what will happen next.”

“Horror Stories” from Russia

The Russian dictator has nothing to oppose to Ukraine on the battlefield. Vladimir Putin announced his intention to create a one and a half million army.

According to Chibukhchyan, this is nothing more than a fable for Russian propaganda.

“It is impossible to recruit such a number of military men in wartime. That's all “horror stories” from Russia. Like, look, we will not give up, we will create a powerful army,” the political observer noted.

How China's position has changed: briefly

  • Vladimir Putin invited Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Russia. However, the head of China decided not to immediately accept the offer of the Russian dictator.
  • A representative of Beijing spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Political scientist Mykola Davidyuk sees this as a signal that China is dissociating itself from Russia.
  • China began to pretend that it was unaware of Russia's plans to launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Political expert Valery Klochok noted that the moment had come for Beijing when it was necessary to change shoes in the air, and publicly.

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