Everything is according to the rules: in Kyiv, residents of high-rise buildings originally solved the problem with light


Everything is in accordance with the rules: in Kyiv, residents of a high-rise building solved the problem with light in an original way

Due to Russian attacks on energy infrastructure in Kyiv and the region, the situation with electricity remains difficult. However, Ukrainians never cease to amaze with their ingenuity.

A photo from a high-rise building in Kyiv has been circulated online. Local residents installed a generator on the street and ran a cable from it to the 5th floor.

All according to safety rules

It should be noted that in this case, the creativity and ingenuity of Ukrainians, who every day more and more prove that the enemy cannot defeat us, does not contradict security rules. The fact is that the generator is installed on the street and at a safe distance from the house, and the owners of the generator did not spare the cable to lead it from the generator to the 5th floor.

The creative approach of residents of a high-rise building in the capital to problems with light/Photo “Kyiv without censorship”

Safety rules when using a generator

Since October 10, the Russians have periodically launched massive missile attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities, wanting to intimidate us and plunge us into darkness. Therefore, in Ukraine, more and more people began to use generators. Unfortunately, many examples are already known when non-compliance with safety rules when using them had tragic consequences.

So we want to remind you of the rules for the safe use of generators from the State Emergency Service:

  • Buy only certified products only at licensed points of sale. Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Generators and fuel should only be used outdoors at least 6 meters from windows, doors and garages.
  • Keep the generator dry and protected from rain or flooding. Touching a wet generator or devices connected to it can result in electric shock.
  • Allow the generator to cool before refueling. Fuel spilled on hot engine parts can ignite.
  • The generator emits toxic carbon monoxide during operation, so install special detectors.

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