Everything is going according to plan, do not read the newspapers, – expert on the results of “Ramstein”


Everything is going according to plan, don't read the newspapers, – expert on the results of "Rammstein"

As a result of the recent Rammstein, the international allies have not announced a coordinated supply of tanks. There is no need to make a fool out of this. All this equipment will end up in Ukraine.

This Channel 24 was told by political expert Valeriy Klochok. According to him, a lot of mysterious information often appears in many foreign media, which does not fit into the logic of events at all.

This also applies, in particular, to the news that the United States is allegedly asking Ukraine to postpone the planned counteroffensive, because it needs to stockpile weapons. And in parallel, there is information that the States are helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine to organize a counteroffensive.

Everything is going according to plan

To this topic, one should also add the fact that according to the results of “Rammstein”, the allies have not yet agreed on the allocation of tanks to Ukraine. There is no need to panic because of this. Everything is going according to plan.

Biden has already commented that Ukraine will get everything. There is just a discussion. Against the background of various publications, it should be explained that everything is going according to plan. They can't tell us everything, we can't talk about everything either. But the tanks are moving, all the ammunition is coming in, the armored vehicles are moving, our guys are learning. Read less Soviet newspapers, Klochok emphasized.

He urged people to redirect their energy into donations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is constantly in need of many things – they need regular help.

According to Klochok, now there is a certain discussion between NATO members and not only with them about the provision of all assistance. This does not mean that there is no consensus solution. They simply agree among themselves who will provide what to Ukraine.

If an armored vehicle is already moving, every expert will say that there should be a tank near it. No one will use it without tanks. Everything is going according to plan,” Klochok said.

Ukraine will receive all necessary assistance

  • US President Joe Biden stressed that Ukraine will receive all the necessary weapons in order to resist Russia. This happened against the backdrop of news that the Allies did not agree on the supply of Leopard 2 tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Ramstein.
  • It is known that 5 countries have already announced their readiness to transfer these tanks to Ukraine. However, they are awaiting a final resolution of issues with Berlin.
  • It is known that Leopard 2 tanks are in service with a number of European countries. In particular – in Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, etc.

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