Everything started with Crimea and everything will end with Crimea – Zelensky on the European future of the peninsula



The second Crimean Platform Summit is taking place in Kyiv. The purpose of the event is to accelerate the de-occupation of the peninsula.

During his speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky noted the importance of returning Crimea. After all, it all began and must end from there, channel 24 reports.

Resuscitation of the international legal order

Zelensky told a story about an activist who arrived last year to the first summit of the Crimean platform from the occupied Crimea to Kyiv. Nine days after his return, the invaders detained him for this. In a letter, he wrote that everything began from Crimea and everything will end with Crimea.

And really, I really believe in it. To overcome terror and restore security around the world, you need to win the fight against Russian aggression. And that means freeing Crimea from occupation. Where it began, it will end there. This will be an effective resuscitation of the international legal order,” the president assured.

According to him, the resumption of control over Crimea by Ukraine will return security and justice. This will reintegrate Crimea into the modern world.

Crimea's European Future

The President stressed that for Ukraine Crimea is not just a territory and not a chip in the geopolitical game. For us, this is a part of our people and society.

“After the de-occupation, Crimea with our entire state will become part of the European Union. The passport of a citizen of Ukraine will also be an EU passport. These are tremendous opportunities for all our people living in Crimea. Roads of Crimea will be the roads of the entire European continent. The ports of Crimea will be the ports of the whole of Europe,” Zelensky said.

He is sure that only Ukraine is able to connect Simferopol with Berlin, and Yalta with Naples. Only Ukraine is concerned about the real security of the peninsula, that is, a normal supply of normal clean water, normal waste disposal.

Only Ukraine can build a modern irrigation system in Crimea and integrate agricultural production with the European market. Only our state will give Crimea modern medicine, education, digitalization. All this will be ensured only by Ukraine, and not by someone who came to steal and humiliate.

Zelensky's statements at the summit

  • Ukraine and we will definitely return. He assured that, despite all the threats, Ukraine is strong enough to see the prospect for the Ukrainian Crimea.
  • Zelensky also noted that now, under the occupation, the flourishing and paradise Crimea has turned into an ecological disaster zone and a military foothold. This happened thanks to the actions of Russian infidels, who ruthlessly broke into the homes of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars back in 2014.

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