“Everything that can burn is on fire”: the reaction of zombified Russians to negotiations


"Everything that can burn is on fire: the reaction of zombified Russians to the negotiations

What is the reaction of zombified Russians to the negotiations/Office of the President/Illustrative photo

Another round of talks between Ukraine and Russia took place in Turkey. The fact that no betrayal of the Ukrainian side is mentioned is even proved by the reactions of the Russians – Putin's fans are obviously on fire. In particular, attention was paid to the behavior of Russians in communities in social networks – they are not happy that their negotiators are losing ground.

“We were ready to endure and believed”

“If you look at the public pages of Russians, they burn everything that can burn there,” Igor Gavrishchak said on the air.

The presenters noted that the Russian population is so zombified by propaganda that they believe they are “winning on all fronts.” Accordingly, that is why the population has such a reaction.

The Russians do not even try to analyze that something is wrong, because Russia initially had ultimatums about “denazification” and “demilitarization”, now all this is gone. The situation of the occupiers in Ukraine is not at all close to successful.

Here is what the Russians write about the talks in Turkey in their communities (approximate translation):

  • “What the f*ck, Chechnya didn't teach them? What the fuck did they get in there?”;< /li>
  • “What the ****, no concessions to your *holes!”;
  • “Shame”;
  • “Why, Putin? We were ready to endure and believed and you gave the “Nazis” a chance. And what does that mean?”.

Soloviev's position is the same as that of the zombified

Presenter Yuri Gavrishchak also said that he noticed a similar position in the program of propagandist Solovyov, who “attacked” the negotiator of the Russian side Vladimir Medinsky.

The mouthpiece of the Kremlin said that the diplomat does not know how to negotiate, surrenders and “the Russians were supposed to not go to such negotiations and not talk to the Ukrainians at all.”

“He just spat and showed all his experts in the studio something similar to what is in Russian communities, that their betrayed, surrendered,” said Yuri Gavrishchak.

The presenters told about the reaction of Russians to the negotiations: watch the video

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