“Everywhere is different”: how Europe reacts to Putin's doubles and where did the real dictator go

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"Everywhere is different": how Europe reacts to Putin's doubles and where did the real dictator go

According to the Russian oppositionist, a meeting within the the preparation of the Minsk agreements, since it was not Putin who was present, but a double.

Increasingly, it is not Putin who appears in public, but a double. For example, during a visit to Belarus, the Russian dictator was too tall for the real Putin.

This was stated by the Russian opposition leader Andrei Sidelnikov, informs FREEDOM.

According to him, now Putin “is different everywhere “.

“The last inconsistency in the image that has been in recent months is when he flew to Lukashenka, went down the ladder, and even in height – it is known that Putin is rather short – the person who got off the plane and whom Lukashenka met – this did not correspond to reality, even taking into account his shoes, which were specially selected and made with high heels. But even so, the height did not correspond. Because Alexander Grigoryevich [Lukashenko], whom I also saw in my life, is quite tall, so even in the frames of the video it was clear that this was just a double,” says Sidelnikov.

The oppositionist said that European leaders are well aware of Putin's doubles. According to him, once a meeting broke down as part of the preparation of the Minsk agreements, because it was attended not by Putin, but by a double. The then Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, did not like this.

“At one of these meetings, when the leaders of European countries flew in to discuss a possible agreement, Putin then sent a double there. It was not possible to deceive the European leaders, the meeting was postponed, it went on air due to communications, and Angela Merkel, according to my information , clearly said that they would sit here, in this hall, for as long as Putin needed to personally fly in. I think that European leaders are well aware of who and when they talked,” Sidelnikov said.

< p>In his opinion, even the speaker of the dictator Peskov last time Putin “very long ago”.

“Putin is afraid of murder: poisoning or something else. It's all because of security, because of his own fears that want to kill him. Probably, such people are in the immediate environment. The only problem is that it is very difficult to do this, “summed up Andrey Sidelnikov. .

Putin's doubles: what is known

Earlier, former KGB officer and Russian intelligence officer Sergei Zhirnov said that Putin sent a double to meet with Lukashenka instead of himself.

Russian political scientist Valery Solovey believes that a double instead of Putin came to the Christmas service this year.

The head of the main intelligence department, Kirill Budanov, said that Putin could be replaced by doubles. According to him, the dictator has at least three doubles.

For his part, the former deputy chairman of the SBU, Viktor Yagun, does not support this opinion and believes that there is at most one double. After all, it is very difficult to prepare doubles.

Russian human rights activist and blogger Mark Feygin says that Putin has operational doubles in case of an assassination attempt. But the President of the Russian Federation does not release doubles to international events.

Military expert Roman Svitan suggested that not Putin, but his double may be responsible for crimes against Ukraine at the tribunal.

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