Ex-Minister of Infrastructure Pivovarsky was informed of a suspicion: that he is being charged


Ex-Minister of Infrastructure Pivovarsky was informed of a suspicion: that he was charged

The former Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine and his former First Deputy have been informed of suspicion of abuse of power and official position. Such actions caused more than 30 million dollars of damage to the state.

By the way, the press service of the department does not name names, however, judging by the indicated dates (2015), we are talking about Andrei Pivovarsky and Vladimir Shulmeister, who at that time worked in their respective positions.

What they are suspected of

According to investigators, in 2015, ex-officials issued an order allowing private companies to charge half the ship dues rate from ships in the Yuzhny seaport.

The order was issued despite the fact that the water area of ​​the Yuzhny seaport is state property and is in use by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration, and the right to assemble belongs exclusively to a state-owned enterprise. USPA was assigned only a part of the funds, the other part was collected by private companies, the SAP reported.

As a result, the state lost more than $30 million. This is confirmed by the relevant conclusions of the examinations.

The actions of ex-officials are qualified on the grounds of a crime under part 2 of Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abuse of power or official position that entailed grave consequences).

It is noted that since the whereabouts of the second defendant has not been established, he was informed of the suspicion in absentia.

The pre-trial investigation of the case continues, other persons who may be involved in the commission of this crime are being identified.

Please note Attention! Pivovarsky served as Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine in the second government of Yatsenyuk.

It is interesting that he resigned due to a lack of understanding with people's deputies. The ex-minister also noted that he had few wards and volunteers, and he could not do all the work himself.

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