Excommander of the Wagnerites, who fled to Norway, was detained and may be deported


Wagner ex-commander who fled to Norway was detained and may be deported

Ex-commander of Wagner PMC mercenaries Andrei Medvedev has been detained in Norway. He illegally crossed the border of this country and asked for political asylum there.

Although Medvedev asked for political asylum, he could be deported. At the same time, a Russian human rights group demands not to do this, because then he faces “brutal murder and death.”

A Russian prisoner rights group that maintains contacts with Medvedev said he was detained and handcuffed on January 22.

Members of the Norwegian security service seized Medvedev at the villa where he was guarded. After that, he was taken to a detention center for foreign citizens for further deportation.

Norwegian authorities have not confirmed any plans to deport him. The police have not yet commented on the situation either.

He has been detained, and we are considering whether to seek a court decision on internment, said police lawyer Line Isaksen.


She declined to provide further details.

Why the ex-commander of the Wagnerites escaped

Andrey Medvedev, the former commander of the 1st squad of the 4th platoon of the 7th Wagner assault detachment, fled from Russian Murmansk to Norway. He arrived in Oslo and said that he was ready to testify against the head of the PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

He complained about the cruelty of the Wagner PMC, and also called on the FSB to check the mercenaries, Prigozhin and hold the company itself accountable. After that, according to him, the Wagner security service began to look for him, connecting the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the wanted list. Medvedev was threatened with a sledgehammer, as Nuzhin had been before.

The human rights group also said that Medvedev would face “brutal murder and death” after deportation.

We are not bleach Medvedev. He has done many bad things in his life. But he saw the light, he realized it, he is ready and willing to cooperate with the world, with the international investigation and the Norwegian authorities, he wants to live and testify against Wagner PMC and its founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, the human rights group said.

What is known about Andrei Medvedev

  • In early July 2022, Medvedev, a resident of the Tomsk region, signed a four-month contract with the Wagner PMC.
  • He was sent to Salsk , and from there to the Lugansk region, where he was appointed commander of the 1st squad of the 4th platoon of the 7th mercenary assault squad.
  • According to Medvedev, he participated in the battles near Bakhmut and was the commander of a former prisoner Evgeny Nuzhin, who was probably killed by the “Wagnerites” with a sledgehammer after returning from Ukrainian captivity.

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