Expensive equipment becomes scrap: APU paratrooper has already shot down 9 Russian drones


Expensive equipment becomes scrap: APU paratrooper has already shot down 9 Russian drones

APU paratrooper shoots down an enemy drone/Video screenshot

Junior sergeant of the 95th separate air assault brigade has already shot down 9 enemy drones. A paratrooper turns expensive Russian equipment into scrap metal using Starstreak MANPADS.

The command does not disclose the name or call sign of the skilled paratrooper for security reasons. Now the junior sergeant of the 95th brigade is one of the most effective anti-aircraft gunners in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Russian UAV hunter”

A successful military man in the environment is called a “hunter for Russian UAVs”.

This young paratrooper has already shot down nine enemy air reconnaissance assets, which were adjusting artillery fire in online mode on Ukrainian positions,” the message says.

The defender who shot down the UAV says that the main driving force in the war now is artillery. And just the drones are adjusting targets for shelling. They bring in tanks, artillery, and even missiles.

When you shoot down enemy UAVs, such as reconnaissance UAVs of the Orlan-10 class, you leave the enemy without eyes. Just recently, when a Russian drone was destroyed, silence immediately set in, – says the paratrooper.

Destroying a drone is actually difficult because the target is barely noticeable. 70% of the work is its detection.

Conversation with the paratrooper who destroyed 9 Russian UAVs: watch the video

Successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: latest news

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  • In the East, the Ukrainian military destroyed 32 Russian invaders. Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a lot of equipment, including 1 infantry fighting vehicle, 3 heavy artillery tractors with high cross-country ability, 1 UAV, 1 ammunition depot. In addition, the Ukrainian units “burnt down” the base of the PMC “Wagner”.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working in such a way that the Russian invaders are looking for additional freezers in Melitopol to store the bodies of soldiers. They previously converted the local meat processing plant into a mortuary, but it is already overcrowded and cannot accommodate more of their corpses. Now the Russian occupiers are forced to urgently look for a place to store the “200s”.
  • In general, the number of killed Russians is growing every day. As of June 10, 31,900 Russian invaders have already died in the war against Ukraine.
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