Experimental drug stopped aging

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Experimental drug stopped aging

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have found that just a few doses of the experimental drug ISRIB can reverse age-related decline in memory and other cognitive functions in mice, halting brain aging. This is reported in an article published in the eLife magazine.

ISRIB restores the functions of cells that have undergone an integrated stress response (ISR) triggered by certain external conditions. With ISR, the production of protein in the cell stops, but sometimes this mechanism “gets stuck” in the on position, preventing the cell, including neurons, from performing their normal functions. It has been shown that the chronic integrated stress response is associated with cognitive impairments observed in patients after traumatic brain injury.

Scientists have shown that ISR also underlies the decline in cognitive function with age, as various stressors, including inflammatory molecules, accumulate in the body as we age. ISRIB allows you to restart cellular activity, including improving the passage of impulses through neurons, their susceptibility to stimulation and the ability to form stable connections with each other.

In the experiment, mice were trained to find a way out of the maze, which is usually difficult for old animals. However, small daily doses of ISRIB over a three-day training period allowed the rodents to perform at the level of young mice. In this case, the effect persisted for at least three weeks.

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