Expert: How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus on Public Transport

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Expert: How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus on Public Transport

Epidemiologist Vadim Pokrovsky urged not to ignore the increase in cases of coronavirus infection and comply with safety rules. This is especially necessary when traveling by public transport. Read more about this in our newsletter.

The expert emphasized the importance of observing the mask regime.

“If you use public transport, you must wear a mask. Moreover, if you are standing at a ground transport stop where there are a lot of people, you also need to wear a mask. And on the subway, put on a mask not when you pass through the turnstile, but in advance, ”

Pokrovsky warned: you cannot take off the mask, as you can contract the coronavirus through your nose.

If possible, you should choose a seat as far away from other passengers as possible, the specialist added.

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