Experts explain billionaire Bezos' rocket in the form of a male genital organ

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Experts explain billionaire Bezos' rocket in the form of a male genital organ

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently flew into space on Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket. Many drew attention to its shape, which one astrophysicist delicately called “anthropomorphic.” Thanks to the explanation of the experts, it became clear why this particular design was chosen.

New Shepard consists of a manned capsule and a single-stage reusable launch vehicle. The capsule at the top is wider than the lower shaft and has a rounded shape. In all this, netizens saw a semblance of a phallus.

As the experts explained, the shape of the top of the rocket is not something unique. In fact, it is this design that boasts good aerodynamics. In addition, the capsule is designed to maximize internal volume, the space that a team of six is housed in.

As for the rest – the accelerator – it should be light and small. It is easier to design a long and thin cylinder here.

The experts concluded that the final design of New Shepard was exactly like this because of the physics and cost savings. Experts also believe that the developers of the rocket could not help but notice what it looks like. However, here the chief designer could stand up and say: “This is what the mathematician tells us to do. This is the optimal configuration. “

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