Experts talked about a hacker program for spying and hacking any Internet user

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Experts talked about a hacker program for spying and hacking any Internet user

The specialists learned that the operators of the TrickBot trojan have improved the infrastructure and even added a new module. Now the program can spy on the victim using a custom protocol.

Experts said that the innovations also hide the transfer of data between TrickBot and the cybercriminals' C&C server. This makes it difficult to detect malicious activity.

In addition, TrickBot began using a new version of the “vncDll” module to attack high-ranking officials.

In general, experts say that despite the attempts of Microsoft and the US Cyber Command to fight TrickBot, there are no signs of the imminent disappearance of the malware.

Recall that initially, the main function of Trickbot was to steal bank details and other credentials, but operators have expanded its capabilities. Trickbot was first heard about in 2016.

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