Experts told what to do in case of personal data leak

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Experts told what to do in case of personal data leak

RIA Novosti spoke with experts in the field of digital security on the topic of data leaks. As part of the conversation, the experts told how to behave if a leak has already occurred.

So, according to the source, when a leak of your data is detected, you need to change passwords, as well as connect two-factor authentication.

You can avoid unpleasant consequences after personal data leaks by connecting two-factor authentication and installing a proven antivirus. In addition, create a separate e-mail and phone number for registration in online stores and services ” – recommended ESET representatives.

According to Andrey Arsentiev, head of InfoWatch analytics and special projects, a user can ask the company-operator of personal data to remove such information from the network. Moreover, if the appeal did not bear fruit, you can complain about the inaction to the territorial body of Roskomnadzor.

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