Explosions are heard in the Belgorod region: the Russians declare shelling of the border village (photo)

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Explosions are heard in the Belgorod region: Russians claim shelling of a border village (photo)

According to local authorities, there were no casualties.

< p> In Russia, they declare the shelling of the border village of Karabanovo, Belgorod region. Local residents are advised by the authorities to go to the shelter.

Belgorod publics write about this.

Village residents say that they receive notifications to take essential items and go to the shelter. Suitable screenshots are distributed in telegram channels.

Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov reacted to the incident and stated that one residential building was damaged due to shelling.

“There were no casualties. One residential building was completely destroyed, windows were broken in 3 private households and 1 car was damaged. The chairman of the district, Aleksey Dybov, and operational services are on site,” he wrote in a telegram channel.

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