Explosions in Dzhankoy and the destruction of “Caliber”: everything that is known about the fresh “cotton” in the Crimea


Explosions in Dzhankoy and the destruction of

In the evening, a number of explosions were heard in Dzhankoy. Subsequently, it became known that local residents heard the destruction of Caliber cruise missiles. We tell everything that is known about “cotton” in the Crimea.

According to available information, “cotton” was brought to Dzhankoy on March 20 at about 20:50. Moreover, there were more than 10 explosions, which seriously frightened the local residents, but more on that later.

Locals saw and heard the drone

While local residents filmed what was happening, propagandists praised the work of air defense. Like, she managed to shoot down a drone. But the network notes that the explosion was not one, but a dozen. And that they were powerful enough.

It is interesting that the enemy even raised helicopters to fight the “cotton”. In addition, the sounds of automatic bursts were heard in the airfield area.

21:20 March 20, it became known that there were about 11 explosions in the airfield area. Local residents then said that enemy aircraft took to the air and flew away from Dzhankoy. In addition, there was information that a fire broke out in one of the districts of the city.

It is clear that the local authorities tried their best to reassure the inhabitants of the occupied peninsula. Thus, Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to collaborator Sergei Aksenov, urged them “not to spread gossip.” He also noted the importance of waiting for “official information”.

Videos from Dzhankoy were rapidly spreading through the network. On them you can hear the sounds inherent in the Iranian Shahid kamikaze drones. After that, explosions and automatic bursts are heard.

Intelligence talks about the destroyed “Caliber”

And while the Russians boast of “air defense work,” the Main Intelligence Directorate shared fresh information. At 22:54 on March 20, a publication appeared regarding the situation in Dzhankoy. According to her, they managed to destroy the Caliber NK cruise missiles when they were transported by rail.

The department recalls that Caliber NK is a cruise missile designed to be launched from surface ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. They are capable of hitting ground targets at a distance of 2,500 kilometers or sea targets at a distance of 375 kilometers.

The mysterious “pop” continues the process of demilitarization of Russia and prepares the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea for de-occupation, the GUR emphasizes.

Rebellion of “Shaheeds”

This was noted in the Monitor channel. Yes, indeed, the sounds are very similar to those that Ukrainians hear when the enemy insidiously launches Iranian drones.

At the same time, the comments are terrifying. Threatened as if not with a new blow to Ukraine, then they complain about the insignificance and weakness of the Russian military leadership. For example:

  • “Fine. But we will be kind. In the center of” decision-making “no, no. I understand Stalin”;
  • “NATO shit will wait for the day of judgment, and it will not be drones, but “Sarmatians”;
  • “Demolish Kyiv! How much can you do?!”;
  • “N *** I did not shoot down air defense, in my opinion. Explosions are on the video”;
  • “And what will happen to the tourist season? Ukrainians will do everything they can to scare holidaymakers on the Black Sea this summer. And this is a blow to the region's economy.”

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