Explosives allegedly found near Druzhba oil pipeline: invaders accuse Ukraine of “sabotage”


Explosives allegedly found near Druzhba oil pipeline: invaders accuse Ukraine of

An improvised explosive device was allegedly found near the Druzhba oil pipeline in the Bryansk region. The invaders accuse Ukraine of “sabotage”.

Propaganda Russian media claim that a drone would allegedly have dropped explosives near the oil pipeline. But, according to the invaders, the bomb did not explode, Channel 24 informs.

Occupiers claim “sabotage”

According to propagandists, explosives were allegedly dropped from a drone at the Novozybkovoe oil pumping station. The Russians claim that the bomb did not seem to explode, but crashed on a concrete slab.

The explosives were allegedly found on March 14 near the operator's office building on the territory of the oil pumping station. The “improvised explosive device” was made from a plastic pipe 5 centimeters in diameter with a fuse, plastid and metal balls. The mass of explosives, according to propagandists, is about 500 grams.

The occupiers accuse Ukraine of “sabotage”, and of complicity – employees of “Transneft”.

A spokesman for Transneft commented on the “incident” and stated that the organizers of the “sabotage could be planning to kill people.” At the same time, according to the invaders, the station was not damaged, and the sappers “quickly defused the explosive device.”

“Unknown drones” in Russia

  • Recently, in Russia, more and more often they begin to complain about “unknown aircraft.” Recently, 3 “unknown” drones were noticed in the sky over Moscow, which were monitoring a military unit. UAVs circled over air defense systems, which should “protect” the capital of Russia.
  • Earlier, Russian propaganda media reported about a UAV that crashed near a Gazprom facility. The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukraine allegedly “made drone attacks” on infrastructure facilities on the territory of the aggressor country.
  • The President's Office denied the Kremlin's accusations. Mikhail Podolyak said that Ukraine does not strike at Russia, but wages a defensive war. He explains the “clap” at infrastructure facilities by the growth of panic-disintegration processes in Russia itself.

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