Facebook announced the beginning of the creation of the “metaverse”

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Facebook announced the beginning of the creation of the

Facebook is recruiting a team to develop a “metaverse” that will become part of Facebook Reality Labs, engaged in projects of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality. This was announced by the responsible for AR and VR technologies, vice president of Facebook, Andrew Bosworth.

According to him, a feature of the “metaverse” will be the ability to feel the physical presence of another person through digital spaces. He noted that already now “Portal and Oculus can teleport you to a room with another person, regardless of physical distance, or to new virtual worlds and experiences.” “But for a complete vision of the metaverse, we need to build connective tissue between these spaces so that you can remove the limitations of physics and move between them as easily as moving from one room to another,” said Bosworth.

Facebook announced the beginning of the creation of the

The new development team will be led by Instagram product manager Vishal Shah, the vice president said.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The Verge last week that Facebook will soon be moving from what is considered a social networking company to a “metaverse” company. According to him, Facebook's “metaverse” will run on virtual reality headsets, as well as on mobile devices and game consoles. Zuckerberg, speaking of the timing of Facebook's “metaverse”, said, “Five years or so.”

The term “metaverse” was first used by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his 1992 novel Avalanche. “Metauniverses” are virtual worlds that allow you to construct space, communicate, and take part in managing the economy of this world. Its concept is closely related to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, which are also currently being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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