Facebook apologizes for tagging black video as “about primates”

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Facebook apologizes for tagging black video as

Facebook has apologized after the social network's artificial intelligence tagged videos of black men as “primates”. Writes about this The New York Times.

According to the newspaper, the video, dated July 27, was posted on the account of the British newspaper Daily Mail. The footage captures a clash between blacks, white residents and police. Users noticed an automatic notification asking if they would like to “continue watching primate videos.” At the same time, the recording is in no way connected with animals.

On Friday, September 3, Facebook apologized for an “unacceptable mistake.” The company said it is studying the recommendation feature so that this doesn't happen again. Company spokesman Dani Lever explained that artificial intelligence is “not perfect” and the company is working to improve it.

Earlier, the Russian sushi and roll delivery network Yobidooyobi apologized after posting a photo of a black man surrounded by three girls. They smile, eat rolls, poke and noodles. According to the owner of the company, Konstantin Zimen, angry comments rained down on him: people were unhappy that the company was promoting “multiculturalism.”

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