Facebook blocked posting for a word

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Facebook blocked posting for a word

The post of Russian writer, popularizer of cosmonautics Vitaly Egorov on Facebook was blocked. The user created a publication that Roskosmos painted the rocket under the Khokhloma pattern and would send it into space, and the social network thought that it contained offensive language.

“Colleagues, authors, who write about x **** mu on the Roscosmos rocket. Keep in mind that Facebook hates her. That's what he writes – hate!”, Yegorov said on Facebook.

He also posted screenshots showing that the post was blocked and hidden from other users. The Facebook administration explained that this was done to “protect people from offensive language often used in relation to certain social groups.”

As the site kp.ru wrote earlier, Roskosmos painted the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle in a Khokhloma look. The photo was published on the agency's website. The painted rocket is set to fly into space on October 28th. It starts from Baikonur, with its help the Progress MS-18 cargo vehicle will be launched into orbit.

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