Facebook Changes Its Strategy Against Criticism

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Facebook Changes Its Strategy Against Criticism


The world's largest social network Facebook has launched a project to promote positive news about its work. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg approved the new Project Amplify program in August 2021. Its creators hope that the initiative will help improve the image of the social network through posts on it, sources told The New York Times.

According to the publication, Facebook is currently testing the program in three US cities. Priority is given to delivering positive news about the social network. Similar posts are displayed in the custom feed with the Facebook logo. Both local media news and posts by the company itself appear there.

The “clarification draft” appeared back in January, sources said. Then the management of Facebook thought about how to respond to criticism of the social network in the press. The company often finds itself at the center of major scandals: it was accused of spreading fakes, misinformation about the coronavirus, inciting hatred on the platform and collecting personal data of users without their consent.

In response, the company has publicly apologized for years. For example, Zuckerberg talked about personal responsibility for Russian interference in the platform during the 2016 presidential elections. However, the criticism, despite the admission of guilt, did not subside.

Then the company felt that commenting on scandals only attracted unnecessary attention. The leadership “went on the offensive”, deciding to focus on a positive agenda, the newspaper said.

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that Facebook assessed the impact of its own social network Instagram on the health of adolescents. According to an internal investigation, the photo and video sharing app can break the psyche of children – especially girls.

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