Facebook suppresses the activities of a group of Iranian hackers on the social network

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NEW YORK, July 15. / TASS /. Facebook has shut down a group of Iranian hackers called Tortoiseshell on its social network, which, according to the social network, used their platform for espionage. This was announced on Thursday by the press service of the company.

“Today we provide information about our actions that we took against a group of hackers in Iran in order to prevent the use of their infrastructure to abuse our platform, spread malware and carry out spy operations on the Internet, primarily with an eye to the United States,” message.

It is noted that hackers showed an increased interest in the defense and aerospace industries, cybercriminals used Facebook to meet people in these areas, then transferred communication outside the social network and injected malicious software on their devices. The examination also found that the malware used by cybercriminals was developed by the Iranian technology company MRA. According to Facebook, this company is associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

As a result of the investigation, Facebook's management blocked 187 hacker domains with which they conducted their activities, and also sent the obtained data to other industry representatives so that they could also protect themselves from the activities of Tortoiseshell.

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