Facebook will block users who opt out of the new anti-fake program

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Facebook will block users who opt out of the new anti-fake program

The social network Facebook began sending messages to users, including those from Russia, that they would be blocked if they did not accept the terms of the new Facebook Protect anti-fake program. Such an account will be blocked until the user accepts the terms of the program.

According to RBC, citing a Facebook representative, the social network is already sending such notifications to some Russian users. The program is designed to combat disinformation, mainly of a political nature, and to protect the accounts of famous people, and just those who have many followers and friends on Facebook. As noted, such people are most at risk of persecution and fakes about them, in other words, gossip. Facebook Protect must be accepted by October 28th.

According to the source, the program works as follows: on the pages of users falling under the terms of the program, a designation appears who the page belongs to and with which company or organization the account can be associated. Close attention is paid to politicians, public figures and other similar people – everyone who can influence public opinion. The system monitors potential hacking threats to such accounts in real time.

On the other hand, Facebook Protect will block the accounts of users who regularly publish posts with unverified and even more false information.

It is noted that everything happens automatically, including updating the program.

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