Fake sign at the zoo and threatening the health of Leopard: what did Russian propaganda come up with


Fake sign at the zoo and health-threatening Leopard: what Russian propaganda came up with

The Center for Strategic Communications has collected the loudest news with Russian lies that came out over the past week, that is, January 23-29.

Many high-profile Russian fakes this week concerned the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. As well as mobilization in Ukraine.

Fake weapons

Of course, many fakes concerned the Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks – propagandists are foaming that Ukraine will receive a weapon that will significantly increase its strength on the battlefield.

Fake aimed on the Ukrainians, concerned the fact that the Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks “threaten the health of Ukrainians.” Pro-Kremlin media spread the news that Western tanks were causing cancer outbreaks. However, the IAEA and the UN Environment Agency do not agree with this thesis.

Another fake related to the fact that Leopard 2 tanks seem to be already in Ukraine. Propaganda channels report that at least two tanks were “spotted” in the Mykolaiv region. In fact, the Ukrainian military will soon begin training on the use of the Leopard 2 in Poland.

We also add thatChannel 24I noticed in the pro-Russian channels a fake about the fact that the Wagner PPK had already destroyed the first Abrams tank in the East. It is also aimed at a trusting Russian audience, because the United States will not be able to provide these tanks to Ukraine for at least a few more months.

Fake about the mobilization of Ukrainians in Lithuania

The occupiers dispersed that there would allegedly be “hunt” for conscripts from Ukraine. Propagandists reacted with such a lie to the news that Vilnius will allocate 700 thousand euros of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian cities. Of course, in fact, no one will “hunt” for Ukrainians who are abroad.

Other fake Russians

  • Russians spread a photo allegedly taken at the entrance to the zoo in Berlin – a sign is placed in the background asking the management to the visitors “do not feed the leopards with Zelensky's empty words, because the animals can vomit.” This inscription is a forgery.
  • There were also fakes about the fact that Ukraine allegedly stores weapons at nuclear power plants. To refute these statements of the Russians, representatives of the IAEA visited the Ukrainian stations. They confirmed that there are no weapons and equipment at the nuclear power plants located in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

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