Fan Cristiano apologizes to Messi for names


Fan Cristiano apologizes to Messi for names

A small fan apologizes to Lionel Messi for his name Cristiano.

This photo goes viral! A young Lionel Messi fan writes a message to his idol. He apologizes for his own first name.

Cristiano says “Sorry”! The eleven-year-old is a passionate fan of superstar Lionel Messi. Soon the whole world will know. A photo of little Cristiano is currently going around the world.

It shows the guy looking at the camera with a poster in hand and an Argentine Messi dress on his body. His message to the PSG attacker: “Messi, forgive my mother. She didn't know what she was doing.”

What he means? “My name is Cristiano.”

The fan apologizes to the six-time world footballer because he bears the first name of his great adversary. For the past few decades, Messi and Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated world football. The two exceptional athletes faced each other in hard-fought Clasicos. Both competed for the Ballon d'Or year after year – the award for the best footballer of the year.

Messi won six times, while Ronaldo won “only” five times. The question of which of the two is now possibly the best of all time has heated people's minds for many years.

Fan Cristiano is showing his sense of humor with his message during the World Cup qualification for Argentina’s national team in Ezeiza. A well-known sports journalist photographs him and posts the photo online. The picture collects countless likes. Maybe the poster will find its way to the great idol Messi. So far there has been no reaction.

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