Fans should also observe traffic rules at the European Football Championship


Fans should also observe traffic rules at the European Football Championship

At the start of the European Football Championship, the ARBÖ issued a broadcast on Friday that pointed out that fans must observe the traffic rules. For example, flags are generally allowed on the car as long as they are fan articles. Official state flags, on the other hand, are reserved for vehicles carried by federal presidents and members of government.

However, the correct assembly and the safety regulations of the fan flags must be observed, emphasized the ARBÖ. What is particularly important is the speed at which the product can be used. The view must not be impaired and the flags must not extend beyond the width of the vehicle, it was explained. Although all fan clothing is not prohibited while driving, wigs and oversized hats can be annoying.

“Horn is only allowed if traffic safety requires it. Honking the horn for other reasons is strictly forbidden and penalties are to be expected,” said ARBÖ press spokesman Sebastian Obrecht. So honking the horn to greet acquaintances, at weddings and also at the European Football Championship is prohibited.

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