FBI launches investigation into cyberattack on IT company Kaseya

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FBI launches investigation into cyberattack on IT company Kaseya

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into a hacker attack on the international IT company Kaseya, which was cyberattacked with a ransomware virus.

The Bureau is investigating “this situation and is working with Kaseya in coordination with the Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Agency (CISA) to conduct outreach to potential victims,” the Bureau is investigating, according to a posting Saturday on the FBI's website.

The US department also called on everyone who may be affected by the actions of Internet criminals to “take the recommended measures to mitigate the negative consequences.”

“As always, we are ready to help any affected organizations,” the FBI quoted TASS as saying.

We will remind, as the website kp.ru wrote, earlier the Bloomberg agency reported that the software manufacturer was subjected to a cyberattack using a ransomware virus, and the attackers demand a ransom in the amount of 44.9 thousand dollars for access to the data they have blocked. The publication claimed that hackers from Russia were behind this attack.

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