FC Wacker Innsbruck: Topless is no longer trendy


FC Wacker Innsbruck: Topless is no longer trendy

The second division has not had a shirt sponsor for a year and a half. With a lottery action, the Innsbruckers want to put an end to the bare chest.

FC Wacker Innsbruck: Topless is no longer trendy

There are designs of jerseys for FC Wacker Innsbruck, on which the giant logo of a German car manufacturer is emblazoned. But that dates back to the spring, in other words, from times when the second division team was still betting on a scion of an old-established, wealthy Hamburg merchant family. The rest of the story is known …

The fact is that FC Wacker has been “topless” for a year and a half. The chest, i.e. the most important and most lucrative area on the jerseys, is empty, and no sponsor wants to be found either. The Innsbruckers urgently need this money.

Now, when the ten-time champions are in financial need, they are taking up an idea that other clubs (including Austria Lustenau) had in the past: a new shirt sponsor is to be found by lot. With the “LOS – Off to the chest” campaign, FC Wacker Innsbruck wants to offer small and medium-sized businesses in particular the opportunity to appear with their logos on their outfits throughout the spring season. A ticket costs 1,000 euros, and the Innsbruckers want to raise a total of 200,000 euros with this campaign.

“Especially in times of the Coronavirus it is anything but easy to find a new breast sponsor and partner on an equal footing. That is why we have decided to take a new path and give everyone who is interested the chance of a lot of visibility. If if you look at the jerseys of other second division and Bundesliga clubs, you can see that we are not the only ones who have not yet awarded this top sponsorship spot, “says board spokesman Felix Kozubek.

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