Fear and Loathing in Russia: Hristo Grozev Scares the Rapid Extinction of the Internet

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Fear and Loathing in Russia: Hristo Grozev Scares the Rapid Extinction of the Internet

The conference was opened by a panel entitled “Fear and Loathing in Russia. Timor et Odium ”, at which the famous Russophobe Hristo Grozev spoke.

He said that access to the Internet would soon be severely restricted for Russian users. According to Grozev, Bellingcat received information about the “plan to end the Internet” from a source in the intelligence services.

According to the investigator, the Russian authorities intend to introduce an accreditation system for all hosting providers. Those providers that receive it will be required to provide the FSB with full information “for each of its users”: logins, IP addresses and even a cryptographic protocol for secure communication. And “there will be no anonymity at all,” the journalist complains.

Those who have not passed the accreditation will be even less lucky – the access speed will allegedly be limited to 24 kbps. Their list, according to Grozev, may include YouTube and Twitter.

“For those who lived in the 90s, this is the speed at which we then connected to the Internet via the phone,” he explains. The comparison, of course, is frightening, and no one wants to return to the 90s. However, given the frequency with which Bellingcat investigators refer to their “intelligence sources” and scare the Russians with a tightening of the “dictatorship” – most likely it will not be necessary. Arousing fear and hatred of their state among citizens is the main goal of the Russophobes from Bellingcat.


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