Feats of infantry and Baltic diplomats in Kyiv: video digest of the 72nd day of the war


Feats of infantry and Baltic diplomats in Kyiv: video digest of the 72nd day of the war

Video digest of the 72nd day of the war/Screenshot from the video

The Ukrainian people and the army have been heroically resisting the Russian invaders for 72 days already. The enemy does not stop the offensive, despite the losses, but cannot achieve the planned goals.

Ukraine's heroic struggle against the Russian invaders continues. The enemy suffers heavy losses of manpower and equipment, but is not going to stop hostilities and is ready to try to realize his plans until his failure.

Digest of the 72nd day of the war< /h2>

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has collected the main events of the 72nd day of the war against the Russian occupiers. The awarding of the heroes, the president's address to the people and politicians of Iceland, the visit of the foreign ministers of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, the next losses of the enemy, the attack of our heroes on Zmeiny – this day was rich in important events.

Digest 72- th day of the war: video of the General Staff

The war of Russia against Ukraine: briefly about the main events

  • The UN is concerned that Ukraine cannot export about 25 million tons of grain. If Russian infidels do not unblock the port of Odessa, a serious food crisis may arise in the world, one of the consequences of which is even called famine.
  • In California, 155-millimeter howitzers are being packed for shipment to Ukraine. In addition, US President Joe Biden announced another package of military assistance for our brave soldiers.
  • In the South, active battles with the Russian occupiers continue. The enemy does not go on the offensive and tries to hold the occupied lines. Our heroes successfully attack the Russians and inflict new losses on them.
  • The Nikolaev region was under rocket fire from Russian infidels. In total, the enemy fired 5 missiles across the territory of the region, 1 of them was shot down by our air defense forces.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine warns citizens that Russian saboteurs may be activated on May 9. The enemy can deal new blows during their celebration. Ukrainians are asked to be vigilant, take care of their safety, avoid large crowds and under no circumstances ignore the air raid signal.

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