Feigin did not rule out that the explosion in the Crimea influenced Russia's plans for the offensive


Feigin did not rule out that the explosion in Crimea affected Russia's offensive plans

The Russian offensive in the South of Ukraine – why plans have changed/collage of Channel 24

Psychologically and military-technically, the occupiers were greatly affected by the explosion at the Novofedorovka airfield. The logistical situation of the Russians has also changed a lot, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly shell all bridges.


About this during the stream for Channel 24said the Russian human rights activist and lawyer Mark Feigin. He also noted that there are 5 airfields on the territory of Crimea, all of them are involved in the war against Ukraine.

“If 9 aircraft burned down, and the infrastructure and other aircraft were damaged, then it takes a lot of time to restore. It's the same as with the restoration of the Antonovsky Bridge – there are no guarantees that a missile will not hit these airports,” Feygin is convinced.

In my opinion, a Harpoon missile could have hit the Novofedorovsky airfield, but I don’t impose this opinion on anyone,” the human rights activist says.

The Russians know exactly what it was, because they have debris – despite the fact

Feigin did not rule out that the explosion in Crimea influenced Russia's offensive plans

Mark Feigin

Russian human rights activist and lawyer

The Russians probably changed their plans because of the latest attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And this is the merit of long-range artillery, which, albeit for 70 kilometers, but hits powerfully.

“In general, the Russians accumulated 30 battalion tactical groups in the South. It was said that these invaders should attack Nikolaev or Krivoy Rog, but this did not happen and this is a certain indicator of a change in tactics,” – Mark Feigin is convinced.

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