Feigin on Peskov: “He has given birth to children, and the Russian Vanka the Fool must die for them in a trench”

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Feigin about Peskov:

Russian lawyer and blogger Mark Feigin told why the children of the Russian power elite are not sent to fight and where exactly the children of Putin's speaker Dmitry Peskov are now.

Feigin recalled that Peskov was married four times and has children, none of whom live in Russia and are not going to fight for Putin's ghostly dreams.

Feigin told GORDON about this.


“Peskov has been married four times. It's not even about the number of marriages. He's had children. None of them live in Russia,” emphasized Russian human rights activist Feygin.

According to him, one of Peskov's sons has the surname Choles. He lives in London.

“The surname of Peskov's son is Choles … Peskov's wife is the first – she landed in London, got married for the second time. Choles became. The son was at a completely innocent age and became Choles” , — Feigin said.

At the same time, the Russian lawyer says that Peskov’s son is not going to fight for Russia, although he has already been offered this.

“They call from Popular Politics (Alexei Navalny’s resource) to this Choles and say: “You go to the military enlistment office tomorrow.” He: “Which military enlistment office? Do you know my last name? Do you know who I am?” This is approximately the attitude (of the children of the Russian elite towards the war – ed.). Only the Russian Vanka the Fool should die for them in a trench for no reason at all, “says Feygin.

< p> He emphasized that the mobilized Russians do not understand at all why they have to die in Ukraine. To do this, Putin composes bravado that Kherson and Zaporozhye are allegedly “Russian land”.

“He (Putin – ed.) is trying to motivate the soldiers in the trenches:” Kherson”. It is important for him to promote it, he specifically talks about it. “It's all ours. We did not come somewhere to a foreign country – we came to ourselves. It's all ours.” It is important for him that these people, who are now mobilizing, are told that “no, we are not going to take away some land from Ukraine, but we will take our Russian land: here, Kherson, Zaporozhye, etc.” , Feigin explained.

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