“Fell like flies”: in South Africa, they are trying to solve the mysterious death of 22 teenagers in a bar

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In a South African bar with unexplained circumstances killed more than 20 teenagers. Victims – from 13 to 17 years. Three suspects were arrested in the case.

On Sunday morning, June 26, the bodies of 22 teenagers were found in a nightclub in East London, South Africa. Law enforcement officers arrested three suspects.

This is reported by the BBC.

It is noted that the 52-year-old nightclub owner and two of his employees have been arrested. They are suspected of violating the rules for the sale of alcohol.

The victims had no signs of physical damage. The youngest was only 13 years old, the oldest – 17. They came to the club to celebrate the end of the school year and passing the exams.

“The club was packed. The entrance was free, alcohol was also poured for free. We started drinking and having fun with others. And then they started dropping like flies,” said a 16-year-old visitor, who asked not to be named.

Survivors in a nightclub told the police about a stampede that occurred when patrons tried to run out of a crowded hall due to some kind of suffocating smell. However, the nursery rejected strangulation as a possible cause of death due to the absence of characteristic injuries in such a case.

“Forensic experts will take tissue samples to determine whether poisoning could have been the cause of death,” said Unati Binkos.


A nightclub owner in East London will appear in court on August 19 on charges of selling alcohol to minors, two of his employees have already been fined 2,000 rand (about $ 118) each.

Recall that in bar shootings occurred in three cities in South Africa.

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