Fierce battles and the offensive of the Russians, – the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the situation near Vugledar


Violent battles and the offensive of the Russians, – the Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the situation near Ugledar< /p>

Russia is conducting significant offensive operations near Vuhledar in the Donetsk region. But the Ukrainian Defense Forces are holding back the invaders and inflicting significant losses on them.

The speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sergei Cherevaty, said on the air of the telethon that the Russians near Ugledar are using motorized rifle units and marines. The occupiers are trying to achieve significant success, but are being seriously rebuffed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other formations of the Defense Forces.

More than a hundred occupiers were destroyed near Vuhledar in a day

Cherevaty stressed that the invaders, having suffered losses, are retreating. He said that during these days the Russians made 322 attacks on Ugledar, and there were also 58 clashes.

It is reported that the Russians lost 109 soldiers killed and 188 wounded. In addition, our soldiers destroyed 4 tanks, 3 infantry fighting vehicles, 3 UAVs of the “Orlan” type and 3 cannons. The enemy is really trying to achieve intermediate success, but thanks to the efforts of our defense forces, he does not succeed and he exaggerates his achievements, Cherevaty said.

He also noted that the Russians are trying to deplete our defenses and break through in one of some places in order to move and achieve certain results.

Therefore, Russian troops are conducting assault operations in order to break through the defenses of Ukraine systematically. Cherevaty said that the task of our soldiers is to prevent them from doing this and at the same time to deplete the enemy, reduce his offensive potential.

What is known about the situation near Ugledar

  • For Ugledar for several days fierce battles are being waged. The Russian military is burning the city with artillery. On January 25, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the Russians had stepped up pressure on the Bakhmut and Ugledar directions.
  • It was reported that Russia was throwing a significant amount of personnel, weapons and military equipment into battle. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed that the situation in Vugledar was under control and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were holding back the Russian offensive.
  • It should be noted that Russian propagandists were quick to announce successes at Vugledar. However, British intelligence refuted the statements of the invaders about the successes at Ugledar.

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