Fighter in the sky over the United States shot down another unknown object

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A fighter in the sky over the United States shot down another unknown object

The Pentagon commented on the incident.

On Sunday, February 12, an American fighter F- 16, at the direction of US President Joe Biden, shot down an air object over Lake Huron.

This is reported by CNN with reference to the US Department of Defense.

“We did not evaluate it (the object, – ed. ) as a kinetic military threat to anything on the ground, but assessed it as a threat to flight safety (civilian aircraft – ed.) and a threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities.Our team will now work on the restoration of the object to learn more about it “, – said Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder.

It flew at an altitude of more than 6 kilometers over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, said an anonymous senior US official in comments for publication. According to him, the object was “octagonal” with hanging ropes.

We previously reported that the United States shot down the second unauthorized flying object in a week in the sky over Alaska. Radar noticed him on Thursday, February 9, at an altitude of about 13 kilometers. Two F-22 fighter jets were sent to him, the military said. A potentially threatening object was shot down on Saturday, February 10, by an AIM-9X air-to-air missile.

Recall, on February 4, the United States shot down a Chinese balloonoff the coast of Carolina. He flew over strategic military installations and found himself over the Atlantic Ocean, where fighter jets destroyed him on Biden's orders.

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